AltSource Incubator Program Part of Effort to Recruit the Best Developers, Paving Way for Growth

Software Development Company Invests in Talent and Development Through Recruiting, Onboarding, and Mentoring to Meet Customer Demand

PORTLAND, Ore., June 11, 2019— AltSource, one of the fastest growing custom software development companies in the U.S., today announced that its Incubator Program has been successful in recruiting the top technical candidates: software developers. The AltSource Incubator Program, launched two years ago, accelerates the onboarding of junior developers by providing mentorship and an interactive learning environment to ease their transition and build confidence. The program is part of AltSource’s culture of creating a positive work environment and aligns with the growth strategy to hire the best developers to stay ahead of customer demand and pave the way for future expansion.

Through the ongoing program, junior developers looking for an entry point into tech will have the opportunity to gain additional mentoring and skills through 1:1 coaching, hands-on projects, and opportunities to solve problems. Learning opportunities include how to manage complicated designs, legacy code, large code bases, and release processes, as well as soft business skills such as communication and client interaction. The program is selective; candidates typically have a strong technical background with a computer science degree from a four-year university or technical school, or some relevant work experience. The AltSource Incubator Program includes full pay and benefits, and allows the company to reach a more diverse talent pool and connect with a wider group of people, including those with different skills and backgrounds. Interested candidates can visit the online job posting for more information or to apply, or attend an Open House held at the company’s headquarters in the spring and fall. 

“We want to invest in our employees for the long term and create a positive, productive environment for all,” said Dave Moore, president and founder of AltSource. “We believe it’s critical to have a program in place to mentor junior developers, by drawing on top technical talent and nurturing it. As we continue to expand, our Incubator Program is another way we can grow our team and stay ahead of our customers’ needs.”

Incubator Program Part of Company’s Overall Growth Strategy

“AltSource is a great place to learn and work,” said Abbie Jones, software developer in the AltSource Incubator Program. “Most companies want their junior engineers to have previous work experience and throw you into code with little to no help. Instead, AltSource takes the time to coach and invest in its employees. The Incubator Program has encouraged me to be a member of the team, giving me decision-making and problem-solving skills. I have had many opportunities to be an active learner, boosting my confidence, awareness, and accountability – allowing me to excel here.” 

AltSource is continuing to grow, with further expansion planned this year. The company was recently recognized in Portland Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Private 100 Company List for 2019, a list comprised of the region’s fastest growing privately held companies based on a two-year proven growth trajectory, including revenue growth.AltSource has also been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. for the past five years. Last fall, AltSource announced its new company headquarters in Southeast Portland. In addition to new headquarters, AltSource has expanded geographically with satellite offices spread across southern Oregon, southern California, Texas, and Florida.AltSource has an in-house team of more than 150 technical experts and is continuing to hire to keep pace with the demand for its technical consulting and software development expertise. In addition to its Incubator Program targeted at junior developers, AltSource currently is looking to fill a number of positions including sales, marketing, project managers and coordinators, and software developers at all levels. More information about open jobs can be found at

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