End-to-End Legacy Modernization

Company accelerates efficiency, productivity and sales.


A commercial nursery that developed and sold new types of fruit and flowering trees and rootstock to farmers and orchards was still using a 20-year old PC-based system to run every aspect of its $50 million annual business. In addition to no longer being supported, the outdated system was unable to keep pace with current business demands. The solution ran every aspect of the company’s business from field planning to business analytics to HR and more.

Data to guide decisions regarding research and development, crop management, product pricing, expected loss ratios and more was inaccurate and cumbersome to access, impeding the ability to make the best decisions for the business. Customers could only get visibility into inventory levels by calling salespeople directly. The order taking and fulfillment process was time-consuming and, therefore, overly costly to the business. AltSource built an enterprise-wide application and new public-facing website to replace the legacy system.

Solution Features
  • The new public website reduced the workload on the sales staff and
    provided increased speed to data for customers.
  • Inventory management feature streamlines warehouse staging to
    accommodate shipment of millions of trees in a matter of weeks.
  • Real-time data provides insights about inventory, sales, projected
    loss ratios and crop management to drive decisions regarding R&D,
    planting, pricing and more.
  • Secure firewall keeps sensitive data protected from competitors.
    Increased customer visibility into available product reduces waste
    and lost product and increases sales.
  • Allows row-by-row management of current crops, historical research
    on the performance of past crops and planning of future crops.
  • Streamlines and expedites all accounting and financial processes,
    including taxes.
  • Tracks royalty rates and coverage for patents and licensing, protecting
    intellectual property and reducing payouts associated with expired royalties.
  • Manages all human resources operations including employee payroll
    and benefits tracking.

Business Impact
  • Increased sales.
  • Reduced product loss.
  • Improved analytics for data-driving decision making.
  • Strengthened customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Strengthened IP protection.
  • Reduced royalty costs.








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