Modernizing for Improved Efficiency

Manufacturer streamlines dealer processes across the globe.


Staheli West designs and manufactures hay steamers that allow commercial hay growers to harvest and bale hay anytime the crop is sufficiently dry, without the need to wait for natural dew. With a global network of dealers across multiple continents, the company builds every product to order.

New order entry, product warranty status and dealer claims for repair work reimbursements were all handled via manual processes including spreadsheets, phone calls and emails. Order errors were costly and time-consuming to the business. The company also struggled to reliably record or track machine registrations. Dealers were unable to efficiently access order, warranty or claim information, forcing them to spend additional time tracking down data or clarifying inaccurate information.

Staheli West turned to AltSource for help. A new secure dealer portal, built as a responsive web app, gives the company and its dealers real-time access to data across all devices.

Solution Features
  • Allows dealers in all countries to seamlessly and easily order
    products and track warranty claim status.
  • Validates all order input data prior to start of machine build
    and tracks order status through to delivery. 
  • Captures all registration data for new machines, simplifying
    warranty claims when needed.
  • Processes and tracks dealer warranty claims and repair work
    reimbursement requests.
  • Automatically pushes updates to dealers.
  • Creates one location for all order, warranty and claim data.

Business Impact
  • Increased order accuracy, ensuring all required documentation
    is completed and received. 
  • Reduced load on internal staff to process orders, warranties
    and claims. 
  • Streamlined ordering process for dealers.
  • Ensured all machines could be easily registered and all
    registrations easily tracked. 
  • Improved manufacturer-dealer communication and relationships.



“AltSource really listened to our needs and built exactly what we needed. We went from making phone calls and tracking updates on spreadsheets to having information automatically pushed out to dealers. This is an absolute night and day difference.” 

Dallin Staheli, Staheli West, General Manager

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