Transforming Efficiency & Compliance

Company increases capacity, saves time & reduces costs.


A company provided a full spectrum of rail engineering, construction management and project management services to railroad companies in need of repair or new construction services. Their reliance on manually adjusting spreadsheets for scheduling field employees, dispatching teams and equipment, and maintaining compliance reporting was inefficient and often resulted in incomplete documentation or compliance issues. An inefficient billing and customer service platform put undue load on internal staff.

AltSource created a mobile app for use by field staff and a companion admin app for use by office staff. Together, these programs allowed the company to increase business capacity, streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Solution Features
  • Facilitates easy reporting of daily work from the field with
    all required documentation, including images, notes
    and time tracking.
  • Submits daily work reports for management approval and
    prompt customer invoicing.
  • Enables field staff to provide real-time updates for flash audits
    requiring responses within 5 minutes, automatically syncing
    data to job and location.
  • Accommodates multiple users with varying roles and permissions.
  • Integrates scheduling, dispatch and reporting with hyper-flexible
    dashboard that provides a consistent experience
    across all forms and functions.

Business Impact
  • Allowed company to double business capacity with its
    existing staff.
  • Reduced time to generate invoices.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance by allowing audit
    responses in less than 5 minutes.
  • Streamlined reporting and decision making by providing
    daily reports.
  • Reduced annual operating costs.
  • Expedited time to dispatch teams, improving customer
    service and satisfaction.




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